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About Us

SpectsHut is on a mission to make eyewear accessible and empowering for everyone.

SpectsHut began as an affordable option for people in need of corrective glasses. Founded in 2019 at a time when a decent high street pair would set you back a few thousand Rupees, one man decided to change this problem. Since then, SpectsHut has gone from strength to strength to become the leading online Eyecare retailer.

We believe a great pair of glasses can help you see the best version of yourself. We celebrate what makes you unique and make it easy for you to discover and buy glasses that work for your vision needs, personal style, and unique face.

Our team embodies and celebrates this distinctiveness. With a female-founder, a diverse team, and clients across the world that represent every type of customer. We are proud that we are fundamentally changing the way eyewear is bought and sold for over our customers globally each year.

Our Values

We are inventors.
We go beyond what customers say they want to invent the future. We push what’s possible and dare to be first.

We are built on trust.
To us, trust is the combination of credibility, reliability, and authenticity. We are adaptive. We find a way to make things work in a changing environment.

We are passionate.
We combine heart and hustle to get things done. We love passionate people who bring energy and are interesting to be around.

We are in this together.
We show care and respect for each other and set each other up for success.

We celebrate uniqueness.
When experienced people of diverse talents, backgrounds and opinions are inspired to come together, greatness occurs.